About Us

Contemporary Irish knitwear, made in Co. Donegal on the North West coast of Ireland

Our Ethos

All our styles are unisex and there is a spirit of inclusivity and self-expression at the core of the brand.

We are a brand for all ages, genders, sizes and nationalities. Our knitwear is made to be worn and loved for years to come as we seek to move away from the wasteful practices that have become entrenched in the fashion industry in recent decades. We only produce in small batches to help achieve this goal, making our garments truly special purchases. 

Our Story

Moss + Cable was established in Donegal on the North West Coast of Ireland. Founder Siobhan McKenna grew up in Donegal and launched the brand in 2020 after several years working in the fashion industry, buying for stores like Harrods and Liberty London. Taking inspiration from the knitwear made by her mother, that she still wears and loves to this day, she wanted to create something timeless with a contemporary feel.

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The majority of our yarn is locally sourced in Kilcar, Co. Donegal, just one mile away from our manufacturer. We have recently started working with a UK based yarn supplier also, still maintaining a comparatively low carbon footprint relative to other knitwear brands. All of our production takes place within Donegal, a county renowned the world over for its yarn and tweed industry. The traditional craftsmanship is alive in the county today but on a much smaller scale. We are seeking to reinvigorate this industry and source all of our products from small, family-owned suppliers whose skills have been handed down through generations. Every single jumper is created using the finest craftsmanship either through the combination of hands, needles and wool or traditional looms. Each section of the jumper is individually knit before being linked together and carefully finished by hand.

Brand Values


Slow fashion, made to last. Every single stitch is considered, our sweaters are the antithesis of what you will find on the high street.


Our name was derived from two key Aran stitches: the Moss and the Cable, representing nature and good fortune. We seek to keep these stories and traditions alive by continuing to shine a light on the history of this craft.

Contemporary Design

All of our knits are created with an elevated, contemporary aesthetic. Our goal was to create timeless styles that still felt relevant and design-led. All of our collections are genderless.