Donegal…Jumper, pullover, jersey, sweater, geansaí. 

With plenty of names, depending on where you are in the world, the very word Donegal is synonymous with wool and tweed. Many people have fond memories of their first Donegal geansaí. We are fascinated by its standing in global fashion history, and eager to contribute our own contemporary design inspirations and innovations to this evolving narrative.  



Moss and Cable, we have woven two of our favourite iconic Aran stiches together to celebrate the intricacy of the individual stitch in our name. The idea for our brand brings together many threads of experience, research, knowhow and education. Growing up in Donegal steeped in the tradition of knitting, Siobhan McKenna founded the brand after completing a Master's at the London College of Fashion in 2015. During this time she worked with a specialised focus on knitwear before applying her knowledge and sharpening her eye for new trends with time spent as a buyer for luxury department stores in London.

These experiences have provided the intuition and knowhow to build a collection that is both contemporary and timeless. We have certainly done the graft with our practical and conceptual training and nowadays, we like making things in more relaxed, cropped shapes with the elegance and finesse that comes from sheer confidence in our craft.  


Let’s talk about sustainability

It is so very important to us, as we develop our brand to ensure that each item is as gentle to its environment as it is on your skin. Luckily, the production of wool garments in South-West Donegal has always been sustainable as it has been part of the way that people live from the land for hundreds of years. With all ages shrouded in the softest wools created in this area, we continue and nurture this tradition with pieces spun from this legacy. And in doing so we are excited to share with you the result; ethically produced, luxuriously soft, delicate and durable garments. 



Who makes what?

Each garment is created through the combined magic of hands, wool and needles. What this means, is that some are made with our wonderful workshop collaborators and some are made by hand. And some garments bring both processes together (We’ll let you know more on the specifics of each garment as you explore our collection). Handmade or workshop produced, there is infinite detail in what we do, and it’s our great privilege to work with the finest crafts people in Donegal to bring our concepts and designs to life.  

It's the expertise and knowhow of these people that has led to worldwide recognition of the iconic cable knit, and it is their talents and techniques that enable us to celebrate and expand on the design of Irish knitwear. Tracing the lineage of the craft, and with awe and appreciation for the artistry of our producers, we celebrate a rich repertoire of vernacular expression through the stitch. Our incredible team of artisans and master craftspeople are passionate about the living archive that is Donegal Knitting. Our affinities and values have meshed seamlessly here, because we are all part of the thriving knitting community in Donegal, which we hope will only go from strength to strength for decades to come. 




Design Without Gender

We are gender free and we create heirloom pieces in modern shapes and distinctive colourways. Any style for any body. And, with a little care and consideration, they’ll keep their shape and character for a lifetime. 




Red sky in the morning

Anyone who has spent time on the West Coast of Ireland knows its breath-taking landscape and dramatic weather…and at times, all four seasons in a day! The good news here, is that the yarns and stitches of Irish Aran sweaters have been developed over centuries with this in mind. A natural technology, so to speak. Wool, much like other organic fibres such as linen, cotton and silk is responsive to our body temperature. It warms you when you need to be warm and it breaths when you need to cool down. We find this utterly captivating. In your hands, hold a soft Donegal yarn and feel how it responds. A marvel!