Moss + Cable was established in Donegal on the North West Coast of Ireland. Founder Siobhan McKenna grew up in Donegal and launched the brand in 2020 after several years working in the fashion industry, buying for stores like Harrods and Liberty London. Taking inspiration from the knitwear made by her mother, that she still wears and loves to this day, she wanted to create something timeless with a contemporary feel. She has always been fascinated by the heritage of the Aran cable knit sweater and how this style is consistently referenced by different fashion designers the world over. After studying the classic Aran stitches, three distinct styles were created and make up the basis of this collection. 



Our mission is to offer an updated version of the classic Aran knit with a focus on sustainability. Aran jumpers have been worn and produced in the West of Ireland for centuries and the traditional craftsmanship is alive today but on a much smaller scale. We are seeking to reinvigorate this industry and source all of our products from small, family-owned manufacturers whose skills have been handed down through generations. These factories are located in the region of South West Donegal, along the coast of the Wild Atlantic Way and our yarn is sourced from just one mile away, minimising our carbon footprint.  


Yarn for hand knitting our Forever Cardigan     

Raw wool ready for blending 



We use a variety of production methods for the highest quality finish of our products. Every single jumper is created using the finest craftsmanship either through the combination of needles and wool or more technical hand-powered looms. Each section of the jumper is individually knit before being linked together and finished by hand. Our name was derived from two key Aran stitches: the Moss and the Cable, both of which can be found throughout the collection. All stitches classified as "Aran" have deeper meanings that further tie us to the garment. The Moss stitch represents nature and the beauty of our surroundings and the Cable stitch symbolises good fortune, an emblem of the fishermen's ropes as they ventured out to sea. 



All styles are unisex and there is a spirit of inclusivity and self-expression at the core of the brand. We are a brand for all ages, genders, sizes and nationalities. However, it is important to note that for now, as our producers operate on such a small scale, there are some limitations in the sizes we carry. Despite this, we are working towards growing our size range considerably over the next year. Please reach out to us and we will do our best to accommodate you with a bespoke sizing service.